Postdoc Recruitment

We are mainly dedicated to the study of the mechanism and function of migrasomes. Migrasomes are novel organelles discovered and named by our laboratory in 2014. At present, our research mainly focuses on (including but not limited to)

  1. Mechanism of migrasome biogenesis
  2. Function and regulatory mechanism of migrasomes involved in physiological processes, such as the immune response and angiogenesis
  3. Pathophysiological function and mechanism of migrasomes in oncogenesis and other diseases
  4. Function and mechanism of migrasomes in neurodevelopment and neuroregulation
  5. Function and mechanism of migrasomes in maintaining cellular homeostasis
  6. Novel mechanism of migrasomes in coordinating communication between cells and regulating signal transmission

Our laboratory has a stimulating and creative scientific research environment and atmosphere, and provides stable funding. Researchers who are interested in studying migrasome biology are welcome to join.

Requirements for the Position

  1. Professional requirements. Applicants must:
  2. Those with relevant research experience in neurobiology, immunology, developmental biology, cell biology, etc. are preferred
  3. Applicants must have a strong interest in scientific research, work hard, be honest, have a sense of responsibility, have good communication and coordination skills and teamwork spirit
  4. Applicants must have the ability to independently engage in research project
  5. Applicants must possess good academic ethics

Salary and Benefits

  1. Successful applicants will receive the standard post-doctorate benefits of Tsinghua University. The salary will be negotiated
  2. The laboratory will provide a first-class scientific research environment and sufficient development opportunities, such as supporting applications for the Tsinghua University “Shuimu Scholar” program, Postdoctoral Fund of Tsinghua-Peking University Joint Center, Tsinghua University Postdoctoral Innovative Talent Support Program, etc.
  3. Excellent postdoctoral fellows with research potential will be recommended for PI positions in first-class universities. At present, the postdoctoral fellows who have left the laboratory are engaged in scientific research in various universities, including Peking University School of Basic Medical Sciences and Zhejiang University

How to Apply

Send your resume to, and please indicate “postdoctoral candidate + name” in the subject of the email and application materials. Those who pass the preliminary review of the resume will be notified of specific interview matters by email.

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